Michael Hedges: Beyond Boundaries, Guitar Solos

Beyond Boundaries, Guitar SolosSeptember 11, 2001, Windham Hill #01934-11612-2

A compilation of solo guitar selections from Michael's previous Windham Hill releases, followed by three live tracks recorded during two separate appearances on Echoes Living Room Concerts previously broadcast as part of the Echoes syndicated radio show. Each track's source appears following its title in the list below.

  1. Rickover's Dream (AB)
  2. Aerial Boundaries (AB)
  3. Eleven Small Roaches (BITF)
  4. Ragamuffin (AB)
  5. Ritual Dance (TA)
  6. Chava's Song (TA)
  7. The Double Planet (LOTDP)
  8. Jitterboogie (O)
  9. Java Man (T)
  10. Bensusan (AB)
  11. Because It's There (LOTDP)
  12. The Unexpected Visitor (BITF)
  13. The 2nd Law (O)
  14. Baal T'shuvah (O)
  15. The Funky Avocado (LOTDP)
  16. Dream Beach (T)
  17. Gospel (Echoes 2)
  18. Sofa No. 1 (Echoes 1)
  19. Rickover's Dream (Echoes 1)

Key to  album title abbreviations: BITF=Breakfast in the Field, AB=Aerial Boundaries, WMLGB=Watching My Life Go By, LOTDP=Live on the Double Planet, TA=Taproot, O=Oracle, T=Torched

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