Michael Hedges: The Best Of Michael Hedges

The Best of Michael HedgesApril 4, 2000, Windham Hill #01934-11223-2

A compilation of selections recycled from Michael's previous Windham Hill releases; useful for introducing newcomers to Michael's music. Discontinued in 2001 with the release of  Beyond Boundaries.

  1. The Funky Avocado (BITF)
  2. Silent Anticipations (BITF)
  3. Aerial Boundaries (AB)
  4. Rickover's Dream (AB)
  5. The Streamlined Man (WMLGB)
  6. Woman Of The World (WMLGB)
  7. All Along The Watchtower (LOTDP)
  8. Because It's There (LOTDP)
  9. The Double Planet (LOTDP)
  10. Ritual Dance (T)
  11. Road To Return (RTR)
  12. Follow Through (RTR)
  13. Ignition (O)
  14. Jitterboogie (O)
  15. Oracle (O)
  16. Arrowhead (T)
  17. Java Man (T)

Key to abbreviations: BITF=Breakfast in the Field, AB=Aerial Boundaries, WMLGB=Watching My Life Go By, LOTDP=Live on the Double Planet, T=Taproot, O=Oracle, T=Torched

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