Michael Hedges: Taproot

Taproot1990, Windham Hill WD-1093

1991 Grammy Award Nominee, "Best New Age Album"

Conceived as an "autobiographical myth told in music, Taproot offers twelve "pixyish instrumental journeys, with often ingenious arrangements, pristine instrumentation and pleasing melodies" (BAM Magazine). The final track (13) is the lone vocal, a spellbinding setting of an E. E. Cummings poem with soaring background vocals from Hedges pals David Crosby and Graham Nash.

"Utterly gripping" (Musician Magazine).
"Amazing, engaging, mystical" (Detroit Monthly).

Michael Hedges: acoustic guitar, savage myth guitar, tin whistle, keyboards, bass, TransTrem™ guitar, harp-guitar, percussion, flute, vocals
Michael Manring: fretless bass
Mike Moore: clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone
Bryan Lanser: percussion
David Crosby and Graham Nash: background vocals

  1. The Naked Stalk
  2. The Jealous Tunnel/About Face
  3. The Jade Stalk
  4. Nomad Land
  5. Point A
  6. Chava’s Song
  7. Ritual Dance
  8. Scenes (on the road to Shrub 2)
  9. The First Cutting
  10. Point B
  11. Song of the Spirit Farmer
  12. The Rootwitch
  13. i carry your heart

All compositions by Michael Hedges. “Song of the Spirit Farmer” arranged by E. J. Ulrich. Lyrics to “i carry your heart” by e. e. cummings.

Produced, recorded (mostly), and mixed by Michael Hedges at the Speech & Hearing Clinic, Mendocino, CA.

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