Michael Hedges Wallpaper

If you’re running Windows 3.x or Windows 95, you can download full size versions of the images below and use them as your Windows wallpaper. (There may be a way for Mac users as well, but we don't know it.)

To use an image as your Windows wallpaper:

  1. Download the full size image and save it under your Windows subdirectory.
  2. In Windows 3.x, go Control Panel > Desktop, then under Wallpaper, load the file and choose “center”.
  3. In Windows 95, go Control Panel > Display > Background, then under Wallpaper, load the file and choose “center”.

And of course, they all look better if you choose a black background.

All images are sized for 640 x 480 displays and are either 24-bit color or 8-bit grayscale *.bmp files.

Note to Netscape Navigator 3.x users: For reasons I don’t understand, despite having the proper MIME type configuration for *.bmp files, this browser may not give you the option of saving the wallpaper files to your hard drive and instead start dumping assembly code gibberish in this window. But there is a simple solution. To get around the problem, right click over the thumbnail image/text link and choose “Save Link As…” which will then allow you to save the file as indicated above. Sorry about that, but I really am perplexed by this.

MH_WP1.bmp, 537Kb

On the floor of the Speech & Hearing Clinic.

MH_WP2.bmp, 444Kb

Road to Return publicity photo.

"That was my tongue-in-cheek cover of Madonna's 'Lucky Star'. Or maybe with my tongue in her cheek."

MH_WP4.bmp, 901Kb
1994 Naked Eye Press

I shot this immediately after Michael uttered the line,
“That was my tongue-in-cheek cover of Madonna’s ‘Lucky Star.’
Well, more like my tongue in her cheek.”

MH_WP6.bmp, 287Kb

Playing Debussy’s “Syrinx” in ’96.
Photo courtesy Ike Gauley.

MH_WP8.bmp, 644Kb

From the Oracle booklet.

MH_WP9.bmp, 127Kb

Oracle publicity photo.

MH_WP10.bmp, 191Kb

Oracle publicity photo.

MH_WP15.bmp, 676Kb

Reduction of Oracle cover from the computer-generated artwork.

MH_WP16.bmp, 676Kb

Nomad Land opening graphic.

Point-A_Spiral1a_clean.gif (2008 bytes)

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