Michael Hedges Transcriptions

Michael Hedges/Rhythm, Sonority, Silence

Michael Hedges/Rhythm, Sonority, Silence. 1995, Stropes Editions, Ltd. Introduction, automusicalbiography and original essays on composition, electronics, and tunings by Michael Hedges. Transcriptions and study notes by John Stropes. Includes “The Naked Stalk”, “Eleven Small Roaches”, “Bensusan”, “Layover”, “Rickover’s Dream”, and “Aerial Boundaries”. Also includes tunings database, discography and explication of notational symbols and competencies.

Individual transcriptions of Michael’s music are also available from Stropes Editions, Ltd. Currently available titles include “Because It’s There”, “Hot Type”, “Ragamuffin”, and “The Happy Couple”.

Fingerstyle Guitar, January/February 1997 (#19). “Little Gremlins: Some additional thoughts on ‘Ragamuffin’” by John Stropes.

Fingerstyle Guitar, November/December 1996 (#18). “Submarine Harmonics: Some additional thoughts on ‘Rickover’s Dream’” by John Stropes.

Fingerstyle Guitar, September/October 1996 (#17). “A Fun New Way to Play the Guitar: Some additional thoughts on ‘Hot Type’” by John Stropes.

Fingerstyle Guitar, July/August 1996 (#16). “Imagine This! Some additional thoughts on ‘Aerial Boundaries’” by John Stropes.

Fingerstyle Guitar, March/April 1996 (#14). “Michael Hedges: Music from the Inside Out.” Interview with accompanying article, “Study Notes for ‘Bensusan’”, by John Stropes.

Acoustic Guitar, March 1997. “The New Oracle.” Interview and transcription to “The Second Law” with notes by Michael.

Guitar Player, March 1997. “Consulting the Oracle: A Lesson with Acoustic Visionary Michael Hedges.” Interview with Michael’s notes on various transcription excerpts including formative but unreleased compositions, “Rickover’s Dream”, “The Second Law”, “Ready or Not”, and “Jitterboogie”.

Guitar Extra!, December 1990. “The Sound of Three Hands…Playing.” Interview. This article, along with a transcription of “Breakfast in the Field” was republished in the Spring 1995 issue of Guitar Classics (#10). I think you can get the latter as a back order through Cherry Lane.

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