Michael Hedges: Strings of Steel

Strings of Steel1993, Windham Hill WD-1136

A compilation created for release only in South America to accompany a tour there, this 1993 retrospective includes selections from Michael's Windham Hill albums through 1993 (both instrumental and vocal), plus three previously unreleased covers*: a live recording of "Gimme Shelter," a tongue-in-cheek live rendition of the Fine Young Cannibals' hit "She Drives Me Crazy," and a studio version of The Who's "Pinball Wizard."

An abbreviation in parentheses following a song title represents the album on which the song originally appeared.
(Click on an underlined song title to download an audio sample.)

  1. *Pinball Wizard
  2. The Unexpected Visitor (BITF)
  3. Rickover’s Dream (AB)
  4. All Along the Watchtower (LOTDP)
  5. Scenes (on the road to Shrub 2) (T)
  6. Ragamuffin (AB)
  7. *She Drives Me Crazy
  8. Silent Anticipations (LOTDP)
  9. The Streamlined Man (WMLGB)
  10. Aerial Boundaries (AB)
  11. Come Together (LOTDP)
  12. The Funky Avocado (LOTDP)
  13. Because It’s There (LOTDP)
  14. Ritual Dance (T)
  15. *Gimme Shelter
  16. Breakfast in the Field (LOTDP)

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