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Nomad Land T-shirt Front Nomad Land T-shirt: Vivid, full-color graphics featuring the URL "www.nomadland.com", on a deluxe ultra-heavy 100% cotton Tee. Back design is full-frame; front is "breast pocket" printed on upper left chest. Shirt color: Black. Design colors: mixed.
(NOMAD-T, Sizes: L, XL. $20)
Temporarily unavailable.
Nomad Land T-shirt Back
Or-tft.jpg (33932 bytes) Oracle T-shirt: Eye-catching color design front and back on a deluxe ultra-heavy 100% cotton Tee. Shirt color: Natural (cream); Front: Burgundy icon, Yellow script with Black drop-shadow; Back: Burgundy icon, printed maximum size.
(ORACLE-T, sizes: L, XL. $20)
Size L temporarily unavailable
Oracle T-shirt Back
Oracle Henley Front Oracle Long-Sleeve Henley: Deluxe heavyweight 100% cotton long-sleeve three-button Henley. Shirt color: Charcoal Gray. Design colors, front: White icon with Yellow script on left chest ("pocket-print"); back: Burgundy icon, maximum print size.
(ORACLE-H, sizes: M, L, XL. $30.)
Temporarily unavailable.
Oracle Henley Back
Road to Return T-shirt Front Road to Return T-shirt: Michael commissioned this original Native-American-inspired Maroon and Black design to be created by a local Mendocino area artist. Printed full-frame front and back on deluxe ultra-heavy 100% cotton tee. Shirt color: Natural (cream).
(ROAD-T, sizes: L, XL. $20.)
Size XL temporarily unavailable.
Road to Return T-shirt Back
Taproot T-shirt Front Taproot T-shirt: Up front, a full-color reproduction of the antique botanical drawing used on the Taproot CD package. On back, what looks like an interesting typeface at first turns out, on closer inspection, to be Michael posing to form the letters of the title with his body. Deluxe ultra-heavy 100% cotton. Shirt color: Natural (cream). Design colors: mixed.
(TAPROOT-T, sizes: M, L, XL. $20.) Temporarily unavailable.
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