Michael Hedges Quotes

I have many more quotes to add to this page, but I haven’t had time to type them in yet. So here’s a few just to get it started. If you have any to suggest, e-mail Nomad Land's Webmaster. Now let’s begin with my all-time favorite Michael quote:

“I wonder if Harley-Davidson makes a unicycle…”

The following conversation took place in my car on the way from Philadelphia to New York. In attendance were Michael, Al, and me. We had been discussing our most hated musicians. Needless to say, you can figure out who Michael’s is.

Michael: Ya know, you guys should start a TV show. Like an intellectual Beavis and Butthead.
Matt: Hmmm…yeah, but we can be so vicious, it could never be aired.
Michael: Exactly. Start with a Kenny G video.

“I’m not trying to play the guitar. I’m trying to play music.”

“This is more than just guitar music—it’s open to everyone. And if anyone wants to lock me into the guitar pigeonhole, I’ll make like a pigeon and crap on their windowsill.”

“I just turn the record in. I don’t think about the commercialism of it, but rather what’s getting me off. That’s why I stay in this business, because I can still afford to do exactly what I want to do.”

“Sometimes the best thing you can do for your guitar is to put it away for awhile. As long as you think, ‘I’ve got to do something new and different,’ then that thought becomes an obstacle. I think the intent is to keep the channel open. The new and exciting stuff is just going to come out of your enthusiasm.”

“You can’t make your music good. You can’t try to be good. You can try to be present and you can try to remain open so what is going to speak to you can speak through you.”

“I play the guitar because it let’s me dream out loud.”

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