The Children of Michael Hedges Fund

Despite his considerable artistic achievements, like most of us, Michael did not have significant financial reserves. Unfortunately, neither did he have significant life insurance in place when he died. In response to inquiries from caring fans, friends, and colleagues as to what they could do to help this situation, a fund was established to help meet the needs of Michael's children. The fund is currently accepting contributions, and will remain open until it is no longer needed.

To make a contribution using the credit card of your choice or your PayPal account, please click the link below. You will have an opportunity to attach a note to your contribution if you wish.

If you prefer to make a contribution by check or money order, you may send it directly to:

Please write in the lower left hand corner of the envelope: "Please open at branch."

Considering making a contribution but would like more information? Questions about the fund may be directed to Hilleary Burgess, trustee, PO Box 1798, Mendocino, CA 95460,

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