Pat Martino: All Sides Now

Selection #: 37627 - Release Date: 8/26/97 - Label: Blue Note
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Track Listing

  1. Too High - (with Charlie Hunter)
  2. Two Of A Kind - (with Tuck Andress)
  3. Progresion - (with Kevin Eubanks)
  4. I'm Confessin' That I Love You - (with Les Paul)
  5. Ellipsis - (with Joe Satriani)
  6. Both Sides Now - (with Cassandra Wilson)
  7. Ayako - (with Mike Stern)
  8. Two Days Old - (with Michael Hedges)
  9. Outrider - (with Mike Stern)
  10. Never And After - (with Joe Satriani)


Pat Martino's 1997 album All Sides Now features performances by (among others) Les Paul, Mike Stern, Tuck Andress, Joe Satriani, Michael Hedges, Charlie Hunter, Kevin Eubanks and Cassandra Wilson. Here's an excerpt from the Blue Note press release (or click here for the full press relase):

After the Los Angeles studio dates, Martino traveled north to the seaside town of Mendocino where guitarist Michael Hedges has his home studio. This was a special rendezvous for Martino. Years earlier before his brain aneurysms had been diagnosed, he spent a period of time in locked psychiatric wards undergoing shock therapy to alleviate the memory loss and severe headaches he was suffering. "My friendship with Michael goes back to that crucial time in my life. He used to come into the ward where I was confined and play his guitar for me. I don't think Michael ever thought we'd play together let alone record together. Doing this session was a major breakthrough in our relationship. It was a dream come true to work with him."

The pair duet on Hedges' "Two Days Old," a pensive piece from his album Aerial Boundaries. [Correction…Breakfast in the Field.—Ed.] Martino plays one of Hedges' nylon-stringed guitars while Hedges plays steel-stringed acoustic. The number is a jewel of virtuoso guitar playing. While in Northern California, rock guitarist Joe Satriani traveled to Hedges' studio and recorded two songs with Martino. "Ellipsis" features gripping rock-edged and blues-tinged improvisations while the end track of the CD, "Never and After,"is a calming tune with ripples of guitar beauty. "I had no idea that Joe was interested in my music and my style of guitar playing," Martino says. "We hit it off and improvised with dignity, even though we're from two different polarities."

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