The Artist's Profile: Michael Manring

Item APMM-VID, $25; PAL version $30

In the tradition of The Artist’s Profile: Michael Hedges, this one-hour concert/interview video spotlights the amazing bass wizardry of Hedges' long-time musical compadré, Michael Manring.

Many know Michael Manring from early collaborations with Hedges on Breakfast in the Field and Aerial Boundaries and his subsequent tenure as the 'house bassist' at Windham Hill, or from his many concert appearances with Hedges, but those are only a small part of the story. The unique musical kinship with Hedges notwithstanding, Manring is a genius in his own right, and the full range of his artistry comes through in this fine program. Includes a brief guest appearance by Hedges.

Includes performances of:

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